Glenmore Terrace Paddington

Glenmore Terrace Paddington attempts to untangle and decompress one of Paddington’s Grand Terraces. This expansive terrace is set over 5 levels with multiple renovations and add ons over the years. We are looking to transform, unify and create a cohesive approach throughout the whole terrace. Creating a contemporary addition, affording generous living and dining spaces which, coupled with a sophisticated material palette, respect the intent of the original grandiose rooms that can be found elsewhere in the house.

Generous dimensions, tall ceilings, large steel framed windows and clean detailing bring the sense of volume, light and air deep into the plan; qualities that are all so sought after in the Paddington Terrace typology.

This project is currently under construction.

CM Studio
BAU Group Construction
Structural Engineer
Hydraulic Engineer
Waddington Consulting