Riverview House


Guringai Country
Avalon, NSW






BAU Group Construction


Anson Smart & Simon Whitbread



Landscape design

The Garden Social

High above Sydney’s Pittwater, this epic ridge-top location and ambitious client brief demanded a special response. Combining two single dwelling lots into one allows this monumental house to stretch its wings, giving every room a view, filtered through eucalypts, bathed in light.

Anchored to the steep site, the designed elevates broad, living platforms, immersing the interiors in the landscape. In the public wing, large volumes of space unfold, with two-storey voids and stacked stone walls, amplifying their drama. The quieter private bedroom and library wing is accessed via a timber-lined hallway.

Natural materials are deftly layered throughout: oak and hardwood, marble and stone, custom plaster finishes and brass architectural hardware.

Operable sun-shading and natural ventilation helps adapt to weather conditions in a sustainable way, while rooftop solar panels provide power, and rainwater is collected to use in the house and garden.

Sandstone walls and battened timber cladding soften the house into the landscape, while angled eaves rise up to take in the view.

Glenmore Terrace