Oatley Terrace Paddington

Oatley Terrace Paddington design was informed by the simply detailed original workers terrace that was originally built to house workers from the adjacent Paddington Barracks.

This simplicity was woven throughout the entire project and the approach to all detailing and design.  The objective was to make the original terrace form the hero and any contemporary additions to be recessive.

The original profile of the terrace was retained and the timber batten form, which dissolves all sense of new windows, roofs and other typical building elements behind it was set behind. From the inside, the operable screens had the additional benefit of acting as a privacy and shading device.

A new more private side entrance was introduced, and a clear delineation internally between the front heritage rooms and the rear contemporary spaces created an interesting and dynamic space to engage with both externally and internally.

CM Studio
BAU Group Construction
Caroline McCredie
Living Edge
Structural and Hydraulic Engineer
Waddington Consulting
Houses Awards 2016 Emerging Design - Shortlisted, Houses Awards 2016 Heritage Context - Shortlisted