Johnsons Estate Southern Highlands

Johnsons Estate is a hidden oasis set on a private 100 acre block located in the Southern Highlands. CM Studio have been commissioned to design a home that retreats into the rolling hills of its landscape to maximise its surroundings and for a place for family and friends to come together to relax and unwind.

 As you enter the home in the central courtyard you are greeted with the long lineal expanse of the architecture punctuated by views through to the surrounding landscape. The home is designed to seamlessly integrate into the land and delightfully surprise guests as it reveals itself, and the view, as they navigate the home.

As well as in the architecture, the references to nature and the home’s environment are also reflected in its materiality with finishes including rammed earth and local stone. Contrasted by vast glass panelling letting the sunlight stream through the home.

Johnsons Estate is designed to be a home for relaxation of any form – whether that’s curling up on the couch in the sun with a book, or working out in the health pavillion carved into the side of the hill, or by wandering through the landscape.

Our Johnsons Estate project is about to start construction, we really look forward to sharing more with you.

CM Studio