Hargrave Terrace Paddington

Hargrave Terrace Paddington sought to restore a subdivided old Grand Terrace to her former glory.

What was once turned into four apartments in the 1920’s, we stitched back together with a contemporary addition to make a generous family home that subtly moves between heritage rooms to simply detailed additions.

The planning was considered as a sedimentary layering of heritage, the uppermost level reflects the buildings former heritage as a grand home, while the lower most level deploys more contemporary planning principles, details and finishes. The middle level falls in between these two, harmonising and creating a bridge between the layers with a finely detailed staircase weaving it all together.

The final result, a reconnection of spaces that elevates the house back to its former glory days as a grand dame, whilst celebrating the play between existing and new.

CM Studio
BAU Group Construction
Prue Ruscoe
Landscape Design
Outdoor Establishments
Alexandra Gordon
Structural and Hydraulic Engineer
Waddington Consulting
Houses Awards 2018 Alterations and Additions over 200sqm - Shortlisted