Barrenjoey House Palm Beach

Barrenjoey House Palm Beach is terraced down a slope that overlooks Pittwater, the house was designed to become a place that would act as a viewing platform to watch the passing of the tides, light and seasons over the treelined water views.

The original cottage on site informed the style and expression of the new house, we created a series of pavilions that stepped down the block to accommodate all the spacial requirements for the client, create privacy and introduce a central courtyard to be used on days when the wind was too strong or the sun was too low on the Western horizon, giving an alternate space to the balcony that overlooked Pittwater.

The project captures the natural landscape that surrounds it while also creating public and private spaces to retreat for the young family.

CM Studio
BAU Group Construction
Toby Peet
Structural Engineer
Partridge Engineers
Hydraulic Engineer
RTS Civil